Dublin School Board(DUSD) of Trustees has called for a special meeting on July 24th (6:30pm)  to vote on a proposal to switch from at-large trustee election system to a by-trustee area system. See the released Newsletter regarding this and the resolution which is up for voting on 24th. 

Currently, the Board is elected by all Dublin voters. With this change, there will be five district boundaries drawn based on 2010 census data as the basis and the voters in each district boundary will elect their trustee. Look at the Board presentation which talks about the background, usage of 2010 data.

Board has released the updated resolution on July 22, and the updated presentation.

Because large portions of Dublin did not exist in 2010, using the 2010 data will most likely result in 4 trustees west of Arnold and 1 trustee from east of Arnold.  

This is not a fair representation of the demographics of our city as it currently exists and is reminiscent of the DUSD’s past reliance on the 0.6 child per household figure to ignore building needed infrastructure.

Dublin has grown significantly since 2010 with a near 30% increase in population, primarily east of Arnold.  We estimate that 45% to 50% of the population will be east of Arnold at the time of the next election in 2018.

Prior to 2010, only Dougherty and John Green existed on the east side. Kolb, Amador, Cottonwood were all planned/opened after 2010.

There is a significant risk in having this set of district separation which doesn’t accurately represent the existing demographics in Dublin.

District boundaries that are drawn on incomplete and outdated data that fails to accurately represent our city’s demographics put the 2nd High school process in jeopardy.

A community member has drafted a proposed amended resolution which is available here.

What you can do:

  • Attend and participate in  the special meeting on July 24th,
  • Communicate with our board trustees in person or in writing
  • Share this flyer.

Ask for:

  • The use of recent demographic data that accurately represent today’s Dublin population. The 2010 census will not work!
  • Specifics on the process.
  • Community involved process – for example, an independent committee of Dubliners and/or voter approval of boundaries.
  • Consider increasing board seats to 7
  • Term limits for trustee have to be set and simultaneously approved along with this proposal.