Last weekend it was the high wind. This weekend it was the oppressive heat. Did not matter! Concerned Dublin residents were out there in front of Emerald Glen Park and Wallis Ranch development on a brutally hot and sweltering Saturday afternoon. Protesting overcrowding in our schools. Appalled at the apathy from developers and administrators towards the situation.  Coming together for the 3rd consecutive weekend to raise awareness about something that many in the community are apathetic to.

The spirited chants of “Builders, Builders..Pay Your share”, “Buyers Beware..Developers Don’t Care” attracted attention of potential buyers driving to Wallis Ranch and Irongate communities, families coming to Dublin’s newest attraction ‘The Wave’ and continued to raise awareness amongst Dublin families about this very difficult situation we’ve all been put in. The number of spirited honks and thumbs up from passersby surpassed what we got last week and kept up our spirits in the sapping heat.

To the four-year-old Yuvi who joined the protest and asked what we were shouting about: We want you to have a great education in great schools in Dublin. We don’t want you protesting in the future for yourself or your kids for a basic, fundamental right.

To the kind police officer who stopped by to check on us to make sure we were hydrated: Thank You! We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the amazing Dublin PD for doing all they are doing to keep the city safe with the exploding population growth. Hats off!

To the family who asked me at the protest whether I recommend they buy a house in Dublin (they’re renting): This is your decision to make. What we can do is present facts and make you aware. But if my brother or friend and their kids wanted to move to Dublin, I would encourage them to write to the city council and school board asking questions about overcrowding in our schools before deciding.

To the folks who honked in encouragement: THANK YOU!

To the folks who didn’t honk: Don’t be shy next week. HONK!

There was one person at the protest who was encouraging very politely for cars to honk. Her voice was barely getting to the first car stopped next to her. It was fascinating to see her frustration and the slow dawn of realization that if she wanted folks to honk, she needed to shout louder to make her voice heard. She took the speaker and started raising her voice (still politely) and it had an intended effect. The residents of Dublin are doing the same and we need more people from the community to join us to raise this to a crescendo. It’s the only way to make a difference.

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