October 3, 2017 Foul-mouthed outbursts at Dublin school board meeting prompt calls for ouster

Aug 23, 2017 Dublin-unified-not-as-parents-educators-haggle-over-schools-money/

August 23, 2017 Dublin-school-board-approves-second-high-school-but-not-everyone-happy/



August 22, 2017 Dublin-parents-fed-up-with-overcrowding-at-schools/

August 17, 2017 ‘Fed up and upset,’ parents gearing up to confront school board in Dublin

August 2, 2017 Dublin schools announce meetings on mapping districts for board elections

July 25, 2017 Bias lawsuit threat spurs school board to switch to district elections in Dublin

July 21, 2017 Second attorney threatens lawsuit over school elections in Dublin

July 26, 2017 Second high school is topic of upcoming meetings in Dublin

June 29, 2017 Dublin Schools, City Look to Huddle on Facility Needs

June 22, 2017 Dublin Schools Raise Developer Fees

June 14,2017 Dubliners Sound Off to Council About Schools 

June 13, 2017  Protest Planned At Dublin Crossings Development This Weekend

June 9, 2017 Second high school debate prompts protests, scrutiny in Dublin

June 8, 2017 Dubliners Picket Development Over School Planning

June 8, 2017 Independent News Trivalley Editorial

Mar 9, 2017 Dublin Schools Deal with Growth Issues

Feb 9, 2017 Dublin Taking Steps to Build High School

Feb 2017 School Board Refuses to Attend Dublin City Council Meeting

Sept 27, 2016, Dublin schools: Overcrowding top election issue

June 14, 2016 Dublin: Round 2 begins on school funding as Measure H passes

Aug 16, 2016 Overcrowding a problem at Dublin High School

April 19, 2016, Dublin: School district searches for high school site

May 19, 2016, Borenstein: Bay Area schools withhold key tax information from ballot

Dec 22, 2015, Dublin: Residents conduct poll finding anti-growth sentiment; officials say it’s invalid

Nov 11, 2015, Dublin Council Wants to Review School District’s Facilities Plans

June 4, 2015, Dublin grapples with school overcrowding

March 26, 2015, Dublin to Help Schools with $66 Million Savings

August 18, 2010 Dublin school board to fill vacancy by appointment, not election



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