I am posting the content of Council member Arun Goel’s Facebook post with his permission.

Here is Arun’s Facebook post content :

My personal opinion and mine only – A Second High School is a necessity not an option or a choice! 
Some will ask how and where, some will say there is no money, some will say it’s not needed. To that I will say that is exactly the reasoning that has led us to our current failure to foresee a vision of developing an even more phenomenal City and School District.
The issue upon us is not about US or THEM, or any other publicly popular saying creating division.

The reality is simple we have a HUGE problem (in my opinion) looming upon both the City and the District.
We need to first all have a reality check and stop the BLAME game, but rather focus on IDENTIFYING A SOLUTION. For those that say it’s the City’s fault having built so many homes, I say where were the stakeholders during the EIR process (something I have been challenging for over four years!). Simply put…..each side needs to own its fair share of the current result and stop BLAMING the others and drop the EGO that says “I know what’s best”….face it, if that is the attitude….consider oneself so far disconnected from reality and the citizens of Dublin that have entrusted you!
We need to understand the next generation and the future of Dublin needs to be placed FIRST, sure we can’t change history and hind sight is always 20/20, but really it is our own failure if we don’t correct the direction now!
Some things to ponder upon:

• Reality #1 – DHS is overcrowded and the kids are seeing it now. They are impacted during lunch, library time, getting electives, traffic issues and more. When you have high schoolers state the obvious, makes you wonder. One way to think of this is in a funnel you only go skinnier…..let’s use this analogy, many elementary schools, fewer middle schools, and only one high school…..Do the math.

• Reality #2 – Traffic congestion along the main artery of Dublin (Dublin Blvd) will only get worse with Bay Area Growth and not addressing a solution for a High School only places additional burden on the infrastructure, impacts our air quality, and quality of life…..THIS IS TRUE FOR ALL OF DUBLIN!

• Reality #3 – Safety for our children should be our top priority and not addressing the traffic concerns of the high demand on limited arterials in Dublin, place this as a high concern for me individually.

• Reality #4 – EVERYONE is impacted (except those choosing to move) from home values to simple delays during peak travel time. Simply placing time value of money on this will show an economic benefit for identifying a solution.

• Reality #5 – Insufficient, well-coordinated and guaranteed public transit systems providing services to DHS attendees. Too many times I hear about the bus being late or how it never showed up leaving students stranded and sacrificing their education
Now the NAYsayer’s will be the first to hop onboard and say…..so what is the solution we don’t have money and we don’t have land…..to that I say thanks for not moving the needle forward and identifying a solution, but rather saying we plan on not making a difference.
There is a solution and it can happen, it might not be the simplest, but it can be done! Without placing too many details in the forefront, I challenge the public and decision makers to think as a Project Delivery and Construction Manager:

• Think strategic planning with a vision

• Think Value Engineering needs to be utilized to reduce costs and find optimal solutions

• Think Phased Construction in viable phasing/stages timed with funding availability and projections. If a viable solution is placed identified and the community sees progress…..they will support the necessary next steps.

• Think challenging developers to be part of the solution – not always financial, but service in kind. Developers have the necessary connections and ability to drive lower overall constructions costs, by staging, minimized mobilization costs, and overall negotiation power. The developers can and will become our partners in the most viable solution if a vision is clearly identified, however it might not be gold plated.

• Think Design-Build solutions, just my opinion, if the specifications for the construction project are well written, the end product will be the same or better for lower cost. Face it, the district is in the business of education, not the business of development.

• Think Asset management and reevaluation of the portfolio to best leverage geographic opportunities that meet core values that the Children of the next generation can benefit from. Other cities around the bay continue to do this regularly.

• Think transportation and circulation issues tied to safety

• Think if we don’t act now……the opportunity will be gone forever!
I look forward to doing my part making and ensuring a difference will be established and standing united with the community. We together can and will make amazing things happen, which all of Dublin will be proud of and benefit from!

The above is not to create a debate or critique, but rather to bring forward a positive viable solution working collaboratively together.
Potential Solution – I challenge all to fully vet properties like the Chen property, who’s current owner as of June 1st, is ready and willing to help the City and District deliver on a second high school. Further, properties as such provide a longer term vision and solution to grow and mold to the city’s demand. It is my belief, if staged and phased correctly, with collaboration of developers we can deliver the first portion within the districts proposed timeline of need or earlier and within budget, preparing the next phase for the second round of community investment.
Let’s start the dialogue of the viable solutions not the challenges, but rather finding ways to resolve the problems.

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