I sit on a City Council subcommittee formed to try to provide the District a school site at Camp Parks.

At the last public city council meeting it was agreed that we would try to find a solution to give the District a school site.

We continue that effort this Tuesday.
That said, land aside, the District has no money to build a new elementary school!

The District believes such a school will cost $70 million to build even if they get the land for free. To me, that number is crazy, absolutely crazy.

And here’s the kicker: the $70 million doesn’t exist unless it comes out of Measure H. Here’s the bottom line: if the District moves forward on this elementary school in ANY way,

I believe two things will happen:

1. Money will be taken from Measure H. This is a betrayal for the voters who supported Measure H. I originally did not support Measure H. I changed my mind ONLY because the money was needed for a second high school. Every one who voted for H under the premise that it was going to be used for the high school should be justifiably outraged now. The fact is that school board members are causally commenting on social media talking about solutions. Working with the City Council to find solutions. Please this is not about finding solutions—it’s financial engineering—get money from the residents for a second high school, then use it for something else.

2. A second high school in the east will never happen.

In my opinion, the current situation is totally untenable and the residents deserve answers about what is going to happen.

There is no plan.

I am incredibly disappointed that the District is silent about their “business plan.” We all agreed to pay thousands of extra dollars every year in property tax assessments with Measure H based on the promise of a second high school.

Fine, the second high school idea might be getting lip service, but make no mistake that allocating money from H to build a new elementary school is the death knell to a second high school.

If the District has no desire to build a second high school, they should honestly tell us that right now. Moving forward on a deal with the City to get elementary school land sounds honorable until you realize what it means for the second high school.

I believe every city member of the City Council, including the Mayor, should immediately go on the record whether they support a second high school or not.

Abe Gupta

Dublin City Councilmember

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