Thanks Dublin community for coming together to make the decision possible.

There are 1878 dubliners signed for the petition to say NO in 4 days.

Thanks for the trustees (Dan Cherrier, Amy Miller, Joe G) for voting NO on the proposed site of the Zeiss as the location for 2nd High school.

Megan Rouse and Dan Cunningham voted yes on the proposal.

Thank you to all of the parents and concerned citizens for coming out to support a NO to Zeiss movement! Board member Cunningham motioned the Board to approve Zeiss location for 2nd HS. It was seconded and went for a vote. Cunningham and Megan Rouse, Board President, voted YES for the property while Joe Giannini, Dan Cherrier, and Amy Miller voted NO.

70 or so speakers who commented to the Board cited safety as a major concern regarding the property in addition to the small size. Several comments included personal experiences with released inmates accosting them for money, and making them feel unsafe and scared. Those comments apparently fell on deaf ears when it came to President Rouse and Cunningham, the sole votes in favor of the Zeiss location. In their minds, due diligence was done with respect to safety and stated that statistics/data show that the Zeiss property location is safe with relatively few reported incidents of crime. The response by President Rouse and Cunningham is a smack in the face to the community. Sure, statistics may show that but what about all the unreported incidents, like those included in the comments by community members to the Board last night and the fact that there currently is no school at the site? Apparently, President Rouse and Cunningham wanted to take a chance with our children’s’ safety and place them in harm’s way, hiding behind their statistics.

Joe Giannini voted NO on Zeiss location, but for reasons related to cost. He suggested that the Board has obligations to handle needs across K-12 and there isn’t enough money to take care of everything, especially if Board spends the money on Zeiss. Giannini put out an idea to move district offices to Nielsen campus (currently closed property owned by District) and level Larkdale property (where district offices are now located) and build a 9th grade only academy. To go along with that plan, District would provide shuttle bus service to DHS main campus for activities, etc., that would be of little or no cost to Board as there are grants available to cover shuttle costs. Giannini stated that it would be a sacrifice for the East to forgo the East side campus site, but that it was necessary at this time given the available funds.

Cherrier voted NO because Zeiss size was way too small and could not accommodate future growth. He acknowledged the petition the Community submitted urging Board to vote NO on Zeiss. He supported and encouraged Board to move forward with a more complete vetting/retake of sites on East side.

Amy Miller ultimately voted NO to Zeiss location and stated that she was at first excited about the possibilities at the Zeiss location; however, after considering the real possibility of psychological impacts on children attending school at the site and, the fact that she would not send her kids to that location, she stated that she could not in good conscience vote Yes to Zeiss.

Stay tuned as the Community will need to mobilize and come together to determine next steps and to ensure the Board is held accountable. There was discussion among Board members last night during their deliberations to increase capacity at DHS as an option and solution to the projected enrollment by 2023.

Thanks again for your support, for your statements and courage

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